Church is so good.

I love walking into church and being greeted by a friendly old woman who knows how you make one comfortable, knows how to direct traffic, knows how to introduce you to the right people, and know how to crack a hilarious joke at the right time. I love being at church and hearing something new […]

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The disciples didn’t try.

Reading through the Gospel of Mark this week I was struck by the amount of moments Jesus expects the disciples to do something incredible, then, when they don’t, he does it. The storm when they were in the boat. Jesus falls asleep. Then, when his followers don’t twig to their authority, he wakes up, nonchalantly […]

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Bored and Free

If you are getting chased down the street by gun toting extremists, hell bent on destroying you because of what you believe. The belief structures your life adheres to are sharply and quickly focused. They have to be. You can’t really um and ah with a bullet seconds away from entering your bodice. The church […]

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Swedish Easter

A night of emotion, power, laughter, prayer, forgiveness and redemption. This Jesus you are looking for is in you. And these scriptures you fight over point directly to the son. The adoption papers. The empowering redeeming king. The saviour. He lives in you. He rose from the dead for you. He will NEVER give up […]

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The kingdom

The kingdom is built wherever you are, maximizing whatever you can do and building for the future. God made us all with value and purpose in mind, and we, have the kingdom inside us. Multiply. Each one of us has a large amount of skill and talent and personality traits that can do powerful things […]

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Dining Rooms.

I love dining rooms. I have spent large portions of my life in them. With people. By myself. Being loud. Playing guitar hero. Eating food. Making food. Doing work. Not doing anything. Learning. Praying. Doing speeches. Hugging, Sleeping, drinking teas. Occasionally cleaning, meeting new people, reuniting with old friends and family. Playing board games, doing […]

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Does the church suck?

For definitions sake. Read “church” as the people of God. The followers of Jesus. Not building or any certain shape of church. For ten years I have had a passionate zeal, an arrogant know-it-all-ism that looked for the opportunity to answer the question “What is Church?” I knew it. I knew the answer. Every single […]

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