I was dumb – Labels #1

For a long time I told myself I was dumb. Throughout school I was always accused of having Attention Deficit Disorder. Which always landed me in the camp with the rebellious, the in trouble, the slow to understand, the easily distracted. All throughout high school I was a very good reader. I would spend hours a day in a dark […]

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Don’t fear truth.

“I don’t fear truth, especially the truth I do not have.” I hadn’t been in the ocean in five years. But my New Years resolution was to get in… It was the 27th December. So we hike up this steep and sharp rock face, and then I’m told to jump. I can see the water. […]

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Watching God Work

I am the third child of two really good parents/disciplers. My Dad is a high school teacher and an ex pastor/bible teacher. My mother has taught and discipled hundreds of people in spiritual truths inside and out of church and is quite amazing at it. Most of my life I have enjoyed teaching people a myriad of […]

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