Our definitions are dumb.

I have read some pretty stupid stuff in the last hour. And it seems to mainly have to do with how we define certain words. I have read radically differing definitions of the following words from multiple representatives of many different groups: Love – Apparently it is either being nice to people, or not being nice to […]

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People will get married.

I don’t really know how to start. The US Supreme court has decided to examine gay marriage. (woah hang on what…. that came out of left field #sarcasm) And so a few christians are up in arms about it like “This is from satan, we need to stop this at all costs. lets raise up […]

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Imagine if we never judged.

Walking up the dark stairs, not really knowing what i was walking into, the thought occurred to me, a closed-for-the-day pub is a perfect third place to start a church. Its not church, its not someone’s home, but it’s focused, its on purpose. I arrived at the top of the stairs without a friend in […]

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