Our Authority: Thailand

Guest blog by Jocelyn (http://jocylorraine.wordpress.com) Jesus has given His sons and daughters a really big responsibility with this thing called Authority. When Jesus sent us His holy spirit he not only put Gods Living spirit inside of us, he has commanded us to go out into all the world and heal the sick set the […]

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Radiant. Delightful.

“Could you take a punch to the face And not even blink an eye. Would you take a shot to the head Cause you know that Daddy will make it right.” Standing in the semi dark of a blue light disco in a pcyc in a small town is strangely hilarious. Earlier that day we […]

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I love Germans

A simple dinner conversation explained everything. iPhone presents. For the last four years I have been living, working and leading Europeans and clashing with them at every turn. They don’t find me funny, I find them opinionated and aggressive, beautiful and powerful but very uncomfortable to be around. I knew it had something to do […]

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