Creative Composed Camera-people

Playing in a myriad of bands – styles, make ups, personalities, goals etc etc – allows you see different facets of people. Different insecurities come to the surface as you take to a stage in front of people, or create whilst your friends and heroes are watching. As we learn our instruments and craft everything […]

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Shared experience.

Two nights ago I had the privilege of seeing one of my favourite bands live for the first time after 5 years of missing them. There was a moment during it where I stared at the crowd and realised, they are listening to this band for different reasons to me. The music that they are […]

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An internal Metronome.

So I’m sitting on a stage, behind a drum kit. My stomach has just gone nuts because it was denied BBQ, and the water i drank to try and soothe it is not working. I’m wearing an amazing green hat from an old room mate, and what i have a feeling is a woman’s shirt […]

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