Becoming the best wife: And the means to an end.

I was wearing a bow tie. My favourite wedding shirt, borrowed pants and shoes (that i would later repair with sticky tape). I had the honour of walking an amazingly beautiful woman down that aisle, to hand her to my handsome best friend. I’m awkward at the best of times and earlier that morning i […]

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Dancing like Fools.

When Randall men start to dance it is usually coupled with raucous laughter from anyone around. We are not very graceful in our movements (although Peter’s wife makes him look pretty good). But its also because we care little for what people may think of afore mentioned gracefulness. I have never spoke to Peter (my […]

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Lets learn how to party.

We were walking down the dirt road. A kid in a collar and tie always confuses my perception of their age. So the man that i thought was 20 was actually still in high school. He would act as my translator. Unknown to me, in Uganda, a greeting between strangers can last for ten minutes. […]

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Church of Improvisation

In year eleven I signed up for two years of Jazz classes. I didn’t really know what jazz was. One of my favourite bands in town had gone through the jazz school and they were amazing. Then I found out two of my friends were also studying it so…. Why not? I walked in and […]

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