My favourite food: the BIBLE?

Told to close my eyes. To imagine my most favourite food in the world. – My mind went to Laksa. Starting with the soup. The smells, the tastes, the heat, the colours. The noodles. The different textures. The different meats and vegetables. It made my mouth start to water. I thought about the good times had […]

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Inter Praise.

The Kingdom of God is like a boat that doesn’t sail. On the boat are 100 people, all from different nations and cultures. Speaking different languages, wearing different clothes. But singing the same song. Praying the same prayers. Loving and serving We went on outreach to Kyiv, Ukraine. And were told that the base […]

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Dancing like Fools.

When Randall men start to dance it is usually coupled with raucous laughter from anyone around. We are not very graceful in our movements (although Peter’s wife makes him look pretty good). But its also because we care little for what people may think of afore mentioned gracefulness. I have never spoke to Peter (my […]

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church of the road trip

Today i went on a road trip. it was amazing. i joined four amazingly beautiful women on a trip to the hunter valley. We tasted wines and cheeses and picnic’d in the rain. We laughed and shared stories, we ran through the rain together – even tho it was wet and cold and inconvenient. Two […]

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Church of Improvisation

In year eleven I signed up for two years of Jazz classes. I didn’t really know what jazz was. One of my favourite bands in town had gone through the jazz school and they were amazing. Then I found out two of my friends were also studying it so…. Why not? I walked in and […]

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