The Hawaiian church of borrowing.

You walk out to the lounge-room and walking past is your favourite blue shirt. Yeh there’s a man inside that shirt, but you haven’t see that shirt for weeks. It fits perfectly. Goes well with your favourite pants, and occasionally you get complements on your eyes whilst wearing it. What you can’t figure out is how did […]

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My Dad the Genius

Making space for people in natural community can be super hard sometimes, especially in societies now that commute to everything. We live in the suburbs – drop our kids to a different district for school, commute to work, commute to church. I grew up in a suburb called Chifley – all four of us kids […]

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God as Team

I got the honour and privilege to speak to a group of 12-17 year olds about the trinity. Thanks to James Legge for the amazingly good camera work.

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Ignorance is bliss: Really?

Ok so your back in the garden. You wake up in this amazing garden with this big dude standing over you, in his eye you see another dude and surrounding both of you is a spiritual presence that you both know feel and see, whilst you couldn’t describe it. You don’t know any different so […]

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