Trinity Favourites.

Its been a while since I had a good rant about the trinity. Traditionally, the trinity symbol is a triune shape of similar proportions that speaks of each member of the trinity being the same, just pointing in a different direction. I find that all to be false. I feel like the triune symbol should […]

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Watching God Work

I am the third child of two really good parents/disciplers. My Dad is a high school teacher and an ex pastor/bible teacher. My mother has taught and discipled hundreds of people in spiritual truths inside and out of church and is quite amazing at it. Most of my life I have enjoyed teaching people a myriad of […]

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The father loves you!

When God looks directly into your eyes and says softly – ‘I love you my son, I made you perfectly to my specifications’. Or when we deserve punishment and are handed grace. Or when we deserve to be shunned and we are invited……. As a kid, I quickly got good at using humour as a […]

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