Religion as an echo chamber

Whenever belief or “truth” is found by a group of people and labelled as “I have it… all… and no one else does” we wander into the interesting space of familiar elitism. Especially in the Judeo-Christian world where one worships a God who knows all and cannot fully be grasped by the human mind so […]

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Don’t fear truth.

“I don’t fear truth, especially the truth I do not have.” I hadn’t been in the ocean in five years. But my New Years resolution was to get in… It was the 27th December. So we hike up this steep and sharp rock face, and then I’m told to jump. I can see the water. […]

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The train tracks.

Train tracks are laid so that trains go a certain way. At speed. Usually carrying large weights. You can sit at the local train station and watch trains with almost a hundred carriages all holding tonnes of coal each, heading for the ocean. A destination. An obvious purpose. If a train could ever jump its […]

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Play dough and identity.

Taking a sip of an amazing coffee I sit inside a cafe on the edges of the kingdom of God. This place has captured my heart through its innate friendliness and the ease of laughter. Never before had i heard of ‘hot nutri grain’ being a breakfast cereal. Never before had i heard ‘shame’ being […]

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The blacks. I

When I was very young I was riding on the pegs on the back of my friends bike. We were booking it down a path past my primary school and I began feeling uncomfortable. We were going way too fast and we were going to get even faster as we descended a hill. I started […]

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