Religion as an echo chamber

Whenever belief or “truth” is found by a group of people and labelled as “I have it… all… and no one else does” we wander into the interesting space of familiar elitism. Especially in the Judeo-Christian world where one worships a God who knows all and cannot fully be grasped by the human mind so […]

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Don’t fear truth.

“I don’t fear truth, especially the truth I do not have.” I hadn’t been in the ocean in five years. But my New Years resolution was to get in… It was the 27th December. So we hike up this steep and sharp rock face, and then I’m told to jump. I can see the water. […]

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The blacks. I

When I was very young I was riding on the pegs on the back of my friends bike. We were booking it down a path past my primary school and I began feeling uncomfortable. We were going way too fast and we were going to get even faster as we descended a hill. I started […]

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You can’t, but you have to.

“The pursuit of balance can create imbalance because sometimes something is true,” – Daniel Okrent In reading, thinking and watching and hearing a lot of different perspectives and conclusions about the politics of recent times, I came to a place where I sms’d my best friend: “Yep, a tension. Between left and right, freedom and […]

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Eden Citizenship

“How much closer can you belong somewhere than in family adoption?” I want to broaden this a whole bunch more, to almost epic proportions. The people i work with have this awesome almost motto to how we do youth work. and it flies in the face of how most organisations seem to want to work. […]

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Instagram Colours Truth

For a period of my life i experimented with real film photography. One of my co-workers had a granddad who died, leaving a whole fridge full of expired film. She didn’t want it, so she gave it away in bag loads. Instead of shooting all the slide film normally (as it was going to cost […]

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An internal Metronome.

So I’m sitting on a stage, behind a drum kit. My stomach has just gone nuts because it was denied BBQ, and the water i drank to try and soothe it is not working. I’m wearing an amazing green hat from an old room mate, and what i have a feeling is a woman’s shirt […]

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