Day In Vilnius (photos)

Waking up to freshly baked chocolate croissants and alright coffee I was determined to see even more of old town than before, I had until the afternoon before my new friends arrived, so i bought an emergency poncho and headed straight to the cemetery just over the river. To get there I had to go […]

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Wandering Vilnius

“I’m trying to remember something I couldn’t possibly know. I am trying, as i was two days ago in Lithuania, to move by feel, to know when I was close to where they had been…” As part of a poem goes, from a book of poetry about Lithuania I took into Lithuania to journal in. […]

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Getting to Vilnius.

I just returned from four incredible days in Vilnius, Lithuania. To see the back story of why i went (heres a link) I had two days to wander the city myself and one and a bit days to walk it with two new friends who have been in missions for decades, and we were there […]

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