I was dumb – Labels #1

For a long time I told myself I was dumb. Throughout school I was always accused of having Attention Deficit Disorder. Which always landed me in the camp with the rebellious, the in trouble, the slow to understand, the easily distracted. All throughout high school I was a very good reader. I would spend hours a day in a dark […]

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You look like an idiot

Our words are more powerful then we give them credit. I have heard the following in my life – You look like a: Viking, Old man, Ronald macdonald, girl, lady, homo, drug addict, drug dealer, thief, bogan, idiot, sick, tired, dying, boy, child, hobo, dad, christmas present, rock star, scotsman, bushranger etc etc. Words can […]

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Shared experience.

Two nights ago I had the privilege of seeing one of my favourite bands live for the first time after 5 years of missing them. There was a moment during it where I stared at the crowd and realised, they are listening to this band for different reasons to me. The music that they are […]

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