Our God is NOT a book.

One of the best sermons I’ve ever heard a relation of mine speak, was also one of the last ones he preached. He projected a picture of a rose on to a wall. It was an alright rose. But he made the point that an actual rose, the smell, the colour, the texture, the living plant…. was […]

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Worship as a lifestyle.

Ok so lets take a knight in a kings court. Now this man has most definitely trained most of his life to be good with a sword, a horse, a fist, most probably he is quite good at drinking and wooing and farting and all those other manly exploits that gets you respect. But also […]

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worship Robots.

Gods presence is sweet. So sweet that it clothed Adam and Eve, it heals the cripple, it convicts the sinner, it overwhelms the grieving with comfort, it redeems cultures and builds the kingdom of life. So what issues in the presence? Obedience – the simple saying yes to God, the walking where he wants, the […]

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Worship with Your Body

Have you ever stood statue-still in the midst of worship, singing songs you don’t understand in a tone of voice that borders on complete boredom, whilst your heart is angry and your brain is busy trying to figure out how to most convincingly call in sick tomorrow so you can go to the coast with […]

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Worth Ship

If we stand in worship, singing songs by ourselves, to God, whilst standing next to brothers and sisters, why not stand with instruments in our hands? Why not have the chords and music up on the projector for us to play along with? Why is vocals relegated to the honour spot? What would worship be […]

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