COVID-19 and the Church

I just thought I would throw some thoughts out there and see where we go. This is partly for me to see my own thoughts on paper, but also to create a dialogue so that my thinking can be shaped. Quarantine and etc has made for some interesting internal thought patterns. So, let’s take a […]

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What is why?

Today I was reading through a short course in resilience as the snow quickly fell from the sky and then stopped and it asked me to clarify my “why.” In former times this was an easy answer. It was always connected to people, and love and creating life and more life. But currently, as I […]

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What is liberal? – Reading.

I was asked the other day “You call yourself liberal, but what does that mean?” A loaded question if ever there was one. This is the kind of question that either begins an amazing back and forth of disagreement or reloading weaponry to be about to completely discount anything else said. The kind of question […]

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The Wind

For me, the difference between a beautiful winter day and hating everything and everyone is a wind that chills to the bone. I grew up in one of the colder parts of Australia (North Europeans read “A lovely summer vacation spot”) and would describe myself more of a lover of cold and not hot. But, […]

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Yesterday I went mushrooming for the first time in my life. I love mushrooms. I also really like the people I go fishing and berry picking with. They are funny, and interesting and have been seasonally collecting things their whole lives. Its the end of the season of mushrooming, so, going into it, I think […]

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The two beds.

I think I want to start blogging again. To help and force me to process things that I have ignored for so long. I hope to use a narrative of a man in a house with a bed. I hope that others respond to my process as that’s how I learn, but, I also learn […]

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The hill

If faith is a hill, then knowing exactly what is the “truth” and building a wall around that hill. and defending that hill with weapons. how many people can join us on that hill?  if faith is that hill, but we dont build a wall around it and we yell at people to come to […]

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The boat.

Sometimes I think Christian community should be more like a boat. You get on a boat because of where it is going. But it takes a while. And you don’t get to choose who else gets on the boat. And, to get the boat to where you want it, you have to row, or steer, […]

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Is Nameless.

That which is concrete must be protected and kept. Maintained. Repainted. To keep face, and name. That which moves, or stays silent, is forever changing, forever fluid, forever unassailable, for what would one assail? If God is nameless, an inconclusive name cannot be the reason for war. If God is faceless, then one cannot murder […]

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