Sacred Spaces

We are given the authority to label things. Then we live with the consequences. As I sat in a building purpose built for worship, I watched as at least a hundred people walked in, crossed them selves, knelt, and labelled that space as sacred. The same naming has been done by thousands of people for […]

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numbers A

Rebellion always starts in the undisciplined whispers of the jilted. Or the hopeful and liberated minds of the free. The jealous saw the future as hard and unwanted. They wanted the ease of their past lives, forgetting the oppression, forgetting the generations who had hoped to be in their shoes. But because they couldn’t get back, […]

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Transitional Withdraw

For 19 years I lived in the same house, with the same people (minus siblings who slowly moved away) and with largely similar life rhythms, in similar cultural circles. I then lived a further 5 years in that city, 4 in another city in Australia, after which I left. For 7 years I have mostly […]

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The blueprint. The mystery.

“We seek and we pray for our return to that time when, being united, we spoke the same things and there was no schism between us.”- Mark of Ephesus “Jesus became what we are that He might make us what he is.” – Athanasius The trinity. Three in one. The liquid, the solid, the gas. […]

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