The hill

If faith is a hill, then knowing exactly what is the “truth” and building a wall around that hill. and defending that hill with weapons. how many people can join us on that hill?  if faith is that hill, but we dont build a wall around it and we yell at people to come to […]

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The boat.

Sometimes I think Christian community should be more like a boat. You get on a boat because of where it is going. But it takes a while. And you don’t get to choose who else gets on the boat. And, to get the boat to where you want it, you have to row, or steer, […]

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Is Nameless.

That which is concrete must be protected and kept. Maintained. Repainted. To keep face, and name. That which moves, or stays silent, is forever changing, forever fluid, forever unassailable, for what would one assail? If God is nameless, a conclusive name cannot be the reason for war. If God is faceless, then one cannot murder […]

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A tree. A mystery.

A tree. Has roots, branches, a crown, leaves, sometimes fruits, birds that nest and bark. Lets say that you are the leaf which is almost at the top, on a long branch, amongst į0 other leaves. You can see most of the way down to the ground, you can see all the detail on each […]

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Religion as an echo chamber

Whenever belief or “truth” is found by a group of people and labelled as “I have it… all… and no one else does” we wander into the interesting space of familiar elitism. Especially in the Judeo-Christian world where one worships a God who knows all and cannot fully be grasped by the human mind so […]

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Paper, Logic, Plans

On paper, in logic, and by the initial plans, the cow should have been bought. The milk sold at market. And the grand kids poured out like a waterfall on a strange drought stricken land. And as one begins running a weird marathon, lead by the voices in ones head, the cow, the milk, the […]

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Tonight I hung out with three fabulous individuals. One I know and love. One I only knew through text, but I knew he was lovely. And the other I met this evening. We all met in a venue I love, owned and run by a man who knows my name. I love familiarity. The last […]

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